N˚1 of rent dresses 



bridal hairstyle˚ / make up˚       250.00

make up˚ bridal, art    120.00

hairstyle ˚ sophistiqué          130.00

makeup of party   45.00

hairstyle simple     65.00 

Nail hands in gel 45.00 

Nail hands in résine 45.00

 permanent color nail 25.00 

Extension de eyelashes natural effect 100.00

Extension de eyelashes charges effect  150.00 /filling 40.00

Extension de eyelashes 200.00 effect intense volume /filling 70.00 

( the filling month muste to be between 30 et 37 days maximum after previous pose.) 

˚Our hairstyle and make up of bridal are with false hair and false eyelashes





We propose esthetic services to complete our workshop, make-up, hairstyle, extensions of lashes, extensions of hair, tatoo of eyebrows, nail bar.

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